Seminars given at CTTC by internationally renowned researchers

Pablo Chacín, Marc Solé, Sensefields

“Arquitecturas emergentes en los sistemas inteligentes de transporte”


Fco. Javier Marcos Álvarez, Cellnex Telecom S.A.

“Cellnex Telecom: Visión Tecnológica”


Milena Orlandini, Tinkerers Lab.

“Fabricación Digital: una útil herramienta para proyectos de I+D+I”


Giovanni Nico, Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo, Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche

“Microwave propagation through atmosphere: the role of the tropospheric spatial and temporal variations of water vapour distribution. Analysis of experimental data obtained by times serios of SAR images and GPS data”


Michele Rossi, Department of Information Engineering (DEI), University of Padova

“Data mining in the IoT era: practical examples and a peek into future developments”


Raymond W. Yeung, Institute of Network Coding, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“BATS: Network Coding in Action”


Alejandro Ribeiro, Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

“Graph Signal Processing: Sationary Graph Signals and Topology Inference”


Yik-Chung Wu, The University of Hong Kong

“Clock Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks: from Traditional Estimation Theory to Distributed Signal Processing”


Nicola Bui, IMDEA Networks

“OWL: a Reliable Online Watcher for LTE Measurements”


Elisabet Santesmases, Richi Talent

“Richi Talent”

15 de desembre del 2016

Jorge Calvin Gil-Mascarell, Indra
“Activitats i productes Satcom d’Indra Sistemas Barcelona”


Seminars given by CTTC’s  staff

Xavier Mestre, David Gregoratti, Nikolaos Bartzoudis, J. Oriol Font Bach, CTTC

“The ICT EMPhAtiC project: main research and demonstration results”


Geodesy and Navigation Department (GEON), CTTC

“Characterization of Chip-Scale Atomic Clock for GNSS navigation solutions”


Alexis A. Dowhuszko, CTTC

“Communication technologies for 5G networks and beyond”


Adriano Pastore, CTTC

“A successive-decoding approach for lower bounding the capacity of fading channels under imperfect CSI”


Luis Sanabria-Russo, CTTC

“Collision-free WLANs: from concepts to working protocols”


Pankaj Kumar, CTTC

“Automated Algorithms for Extracting Features from 3D LiDAR Point Cloud Data”

9 de novembre del 2016

Ricardo Martínez, CTTC

“On the golas and achievements for real fixed mobile convergent networks: the FP7 COMBO project”

30 de novembre del 2016