Best Presentation Award at ION GNSS+ 2016 for CTTC researchers

The work “Accelerating GNSS Software Receivers”, by C. Fernández-Prades, J. Arribas and P. Closas, was bestowed with the Best Presentation Award at the ION GNSS+ Conference this year, held in Portland, Oregon, on Sept 12-16, in the Session entitled “Advances in GNSS Software-defined Receivers”. ION GNSS+ is the world’s largest technical meeting and showcase of Global Navigation Satellite Systems technology, products and services. More info at

Student Best Paper Award EUCNC 2016 / EURACON

The research paper “Auction-based Offloading for Base Station Switching Off in Heterogeneous Networks” presented in the 25th European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2016) conference and authored by the Head of the SMARTECH Department Dr. Christos Verikoukis, in collaboration with Ms.. Alexandra Bousia, Dr. Elli Kartsakli, Dr. Angelos Antonopoulos and Dr. Luis Alonso, has received the Best Student Paper Award of EuCNC2016/EURACON.

The paper considers a novel business model for 5G HetNets scenarios where a third-party is the infrastructure provider of the deployed Small Cells (SC) and the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) lease the SC resources in order to fully offload their traffic and deactivate their Base Stations (BSs). Motivated by the conflicting interests of the MNOs and the restricted capacity of the SCs that is not sufficient to carry the whole traffic in multi-operator scenarios, the paper introduces a combinatorial auction framework, which includes: i) a bidding strategy, ii) a resource allocation scheme, and iii) a pricing rule. A multiobjective framework is proposed, to provide an energy efficient solution for the resource allocation problem. Extensive analytical and experimental results show that proposed solution can reach and improvement of up to 252% in energy efficiency, with respect to state-of-the-art reference scenarios.

The work has been partially funded by AGAUR (2014SGR 1551) and by CellFive (TEC2014-60130-P) Research Projects.

Two CTTC Researchers have received the Best PhD Thesis award -Academic year 2013-2014

Maria Gregori and Ricard Vilalta have received the best PhD Thesis award from Politechnical University of Catalonia for their respective thesis:

·         Ricard Vilalta receives the ONF Outstanding Initiative Award

·         Ricard Vilalta has over the past year taken on the major work of driving the development of YANG and JSON data models and automated tools for the Transport API project. His work has bridged the gap between the standards work on modeling of transport networks and services and the development of software (including open source).

·         Ricard hand-coded the YANG Schema for the Transport API UML Information Model which served as the basis for the UML-YANG mapping guidelines. This work has applicability beyond just Transport API work and is a significant piece of the broader ONF Information Modeling tool set that is being contributed to the industry through the Open Source SDN Eagle project. Ricard (and the ICT STRAUSS project) have also contributed the YANG-to-SWAGGER API and YANG-to-JSON Schema generation tools, which have enabled implementation of the Transport API models into working interfaces within transport network SDN controllers and elements. Ricard has demonstrated outstanding initiative, energy and determination in his work, and the Open Transport Working Group owes him and the ICT STRAUSS project a debt of gratitude for their efforts.

CTTC Director awarded by and COEINF

The 21st edition of “La Nit de les Telecommunications and Informatics” was held on Thursday, February 18 and awarded its highest distinction to Doctor in Telecommunications Engineering Miguel Angel Lagunas, who has received the Honor Award jointly awarded by l’Association Catalana d’Enginyers of Telecomunicació ( and the Official College d’Enginyeria in Computer Catalunya (COEINF).

A jury of professionals and renowned authorities decided to recognize the extensive experience in the field of R & D of Prof. Lagunas, who is also professor of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and Director of the Foundation for Telecommunications Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTTC).

The ceremony was held in the Auditorium of Barcelona and you was chaired by the  Minister for the Presidency of the Generalitat, Neus Munté. The event was also attended by other authorities such as ministers Baiget, Jane and Borras.